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A wart otherwise known as a Verruca appears as an area of calluses tissue but can be differentiated by the small black dots that appear below it that bleed very easily. These capillaries are the vascular supply for the wart. It can be one single spot or a mosaic of spots and is often painful with side to side squeezing.

Common Causes:

Warts are caused by direct contact with the HPV virus through a minor opening on the skin. Usually this is seen in public places where people go barefoot such as swimming pools, gyms, and locker showers.

How to Prevent:

Wear sandals in environments that make you more prone to getting infected by the HPV virus.


There are many numerous treatment options with topical treatments such as freezing or acids but this is usually a process that must be repeated many times. A more permanent procedure that can be performed in the comfort of your own home is surgical removal of the wart after administering local anesthetic and the wart being surgically removed. This procedure generally takes 15-20 minutes to perform.

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