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A callus appears as an area of thickened hard skin on the foot that is generally associated with an area of increased pressure. This can also be seen on the top of the toe from rubbing on the shoes and be referred to as a corn. These can be painful with walking and with wearing shoe-gear.

Common Causes:

Tight shoe-gear in association with improper biomechanics and deformities to the foot can cause the foot to have extra pressure in those certain areas leading to corns and calluses.

How to Prevent:

It is important to use proper fitting shitting shoes to prevent excess pressure on the foot. If you do have a foot deformity that my lead to more pressure in a certain area, the use of orthotics and padding are great modalities to keep pressure from these areas.


Corns and calluses are generally treated with sharp debridement of the area with the use of a surgical blade and is then further debrided by mechanical debridement to create a smooth surface. These areas can then be offloaded with the use of padding and silicone toe sleeves.

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