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An ankle sprain is a common condition that affects the ankle joint ligaments. These sprains generally occur in a plantarflexed and inverted position. The ankle ligaments are important in providing stability to the ankle joint and consist of the collateral ankle ligaments and the deltoid ligaments. Patients generally present with swelling, bruising and instability of the ankle when injury occurs, and have a difficult time putting weight on the foot and ankle.

Common Causes:

Mechanical instability where there is laxity to the joint, biomechanics where the foot can be in a more varus alignment and muscle weakness.

How to Prevent:

Proper shoe-gear, orthotics and care with activities involving uneven terrain.


Rehabilitation is focused on establishing proprioception with support of the ankle to allow reduction in inflammation of the ligaments and healing. This immobilization can be performed by a CAM boot, ankle brace, crutches or knee scooter. Once healing is completed patients will then transition to physical therapy to strengthen the area and for proprioception.

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