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The ingrown toenail curves into the skin folds on the toe creating pain. The ingrowing nail itself is called onychocryptosis. Although it is more common to find this condition in the first great toe it can also happen to any toe that is crowded by the shoe or other toes. This becomes a more serious problem when the toe becomes infected, appearing red and swollen. This is a problem that occurs in patients of any age and activity level.

Common Causes:

Genetics, Improper nail trimming, improperly fitted shoes, Biomechanical. Athletes experience this condition because of quick stops and starts, and the unique designs. The elderly are more prone to ingrowns because of thickened fungal nails and poorly fitting shoes.

How to Prevent:

Avoid rounding off the corners of the toe-nail and cutting them back too short. Avoid tight fitting shoes that crowd the toes.


Removal of ingrowing toe-nail. At your residence, we can perform a slant back wedge resection of the offending toe-nail border or a more permanent procedure where the toe is numbed with anesthetic, and partial nail avulsion is performed removing the offending toe-nail and its root matrix, allowing immediate relief for the patient. This procedure often includes the use of Phenol.

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