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Anywhere Foot and Ankle Care is the leading provider of home-based Podiatry care.

We see our patients in homes, apartments, hotels, workplaces and senior resident/assisted living facilities at the comfort of their own residence and own time. Our patients no longer have to waste time coming to an appointment and waiting or having to inconvenience family or friends for help making an appointment and transporting them.

Seeing patients in the comfort of their own homes allows our doctors to have much more time to treat their patients without feeling rushed or overwhelmed like is seen in clinic. This allows for patients to get the best care and treatment for their conditions. By our doctors visiting at home, this also allows them to get a better feel for the social environment of their patients and how they can further gear their treatment and care to be the best for their patients.

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Our doctors will first start with a complete evaluation of you as a person including your overall history, goals, needs and problems. Once they have a better understanding, they will further go into what is causing your pain. Most of the time our doctors can provide some form of instant pain relief, and get the process started to be getting you back to moving pain free.

We know how important it is for our patients to be pain free and keep moving, so we consider ourselves to be the best podiatrist to help you do so in the convenience of your home!

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Anywhere Foot and Ankle Care is a leading provider of House Call Podiatry Service & Best Nursing Home Visits. Get Professional services at the comfort of your home.

For complete Foot & Ankle care, call 310-750-4511.

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