Mobile Podiatrist & House Call Foot Care Doctors

About Us

Anywhere Foot and Ankle Care is the leading provider of home-based/Mobile Podiatry care. We see our patients in homes, apartments, hotels, workplaces and senior resident/assisted living facilities at the comfort of their own residence and own time. Our patients no longer have to waste time coming to an appointment and waiting or having to inconvenience family or friends for help making an appointment and transporting them.

Seeing patients in the comfort of their own homes allows our doctors to have much more time to treat their patients without feeling rushed or overwhelmed like is seen in clinic. This allows for patients to get the best care and treatment for their conditions. By our doctors visiting at home, this also allows them to get a better feel for the social environment of their patients and how they can further gear their treatment and care to be the best for their patients.

Mobile Podiatry Services

Serving throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernandino County

Our visiting foot doctors have all of the necessary instruments and supplies to handle most foot and ankle conditions that are seen in the office. Our team has the capabilities to order x-rays, home health nurses, physical therapy, and other services to help aide our patients in the convenience of their own home. We can also order for braces, Diabetic/Orthopedic shoes and other accommodative bracing. Below is a list of some of the most common services that we provide but is not limited too:

House call & Mobile Podiatry Specialists

House Calls And Nursing Home Visits Specialist


House call and Mobile Podiatry Q & A


  • How do I make an appointment?
    The first steps is to register your information on the patient portal. Once you do this, send us the completed forms by mail, email or fax. We will contact to you as soon as we receive the paper-work to schedule an appointment.
  • If I have Traditional Medicare or PPO insurance do I need to pay anything for the visit?
    No! We bill the insurance for all services. The only thing you would be responsible for is if there is a deductible or co-pay.
  • How often can I be seen?
    This will all depend on the foot and ankle problem that you have and can vary from being seen weekly up to every 9 weeks or longer.
  • Do I need to have any supplies for the visit?
    No! All we need from you is to be positioned so that our Doctors can perform a thorough and complete foot exam and treatment.
  • What if I need to have a procedure performed?
    Most office base procedures can be performed in the convenience of your own home as they would be done in clinic. If it is something that requires more, then we will advise you of this and guide you every step of the way to get things done.


Affordable Mobile Podiatry Services


  • We accept traditional Medicare and most PPO insurances.
  • We also accept most HMO insurance but would require an authorization from your primary care physician.
  • Our services are also offered for our fee for service prices. We accept personal checks, credit cards, Venmo, Zelle and Cash.
  • Our standard new patient consultation fee is $170 which includes a general evaluation along with debridement of toe-nails and calluses.  Extra services will include an additional fee.
  • *Prices, terms and availability subject to change without notice.