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Diabetic foot ulcers is a multifaceted problem that involves neuropathy, causing lack of sensation to the feet along with foot deformities causing increased pressure, calluses and deep tissue injury. Generally, 15-20% of diabetics will develop a diabetic foot ulcer. This presents as a break in the skin that can be superficial or deep and can be surrounded by callus. The ulcer can also become infected presenting as red, swollen and with drainage. Depending on the organism causing the infection, this can aggressively spread on to the foot to the bone, up the leg or go into blood stream causing septic shock. Diabetic infections are generally caused by direct trauma or in the presence of an existing ulceration. These infections can be caused by numerous microorganisms.

Common Causes:

Peripheral neuropathy, deformity, minor trauma and uncontrolled diabetes.

How to Prevent:

It is important for diabetic patients to check their feet daily along with wearing the proper shoe-gear and glycemic control. Diet and exercised and daily hygiene are also very important in the prevention process.


This is step wise approach which first includes controlling and identifying that there is an infection. This can be done by cultures and antibiotics. In certain instances, depending on the severity of the infection patients may need to have surgery to clean up the area. It is very important to also offload the area of pressure with an assistive offloading device.

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