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3 Tips to Fight Athlete’s Foot

3 Tips to Fight Athlete's Foot

Foot fungus - After a while, it starts to grow on you.

How to get fungus out of your home and away from your feet.

Foot Fungus or better known by its affectionate term “Athlete’s foot”. It’s everywhere ! So many people have it or have had it.  Yet it brings so much shame. Even worse it can lead to other problems like- toenail fungus. 

Fungus is an organism that jumps on board your skin and nails, making itself comfortable while making you very uncomfortable. The same organism that causes the itchy rash of Athlete’s foot, also causes those unsightly yellow and thick nails.  It’s the infection of this type of organism that makes the changes to your skin and nails.

Luckily, there are treatments available for both conditions. I recommend seeing a Dermatologist or Podiatrist to be examined in person for a proper diagnosis and best treatment plan for you. 

What I am going to share are tips on how to get the best results – no matter what treatment plan you and your doc choose. 

The truth is …. Despite having many treatment options many people fail to completely get rid of their foot fungus. After treating patients for over 10 years with this condition, it has become clear to me why these treatments fail. 

The answer is… few docs tell you how much work is involved. 

Yes, work ! The key to success is what happens AFTER you leave the doctors office. 

Treating fungus is a bit of a project and you need to be proactive in the battle. If you aren’t diligent, you run the risk of reinfection or failed treatment. 

So before you ask for a pill or laser -learn some tricks of the trade to help keep the fungus out of your life for good after treatment. 

3 steps to rid fungus from your environment:

1. Disinfect your shoes – Spray our beloved Lysol into your shoes. NOT on skin.  First remove any liners or inserts from the shoes, spray those as well, then a good spritz into the shoes, and set them out to dry overnight.  Honestly if your athletic shoes are stinky, have carried you over 500 miles or are over a year old probably a good time to get a new pair and start off on the right foot 😉

You can also try a UV shoe sterilizer

2. Get your Socks REALLY Clean – Wash your socks separately in warm or hot water with detergent. Consider adding Oxiclean as a boost to really get them really clean.  Change socks daily. Dry feet well before putting on socks and shoes.

3. Wash where you step – Disinfect your bathtub or shower stall. Do an initial scrub with a disinfectant and anti-microbial. Then use a daily maintenance tub spray to stop the cycle of reinfection from your foot back onto that surface. 

You can also use White vinegar as a natural anti fungal,  use it full strength to scrub the shower (not on your skin). Dilute the vinegar 1 : 4 dilution for the daily shower spritz

Also be sure to check out my favorite anti-fungal foot soap FungaSoap.  It’s great to leave in the shower (currently in mine) for daily use and especially after workouts. 

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